Luxury vinyl flooring that fits your needs

There's nothing quite like luxury vinyl flooring for your home. The products add stylish beauty and impressive durability even in your busiest areas. But you'll also find a reasonable lifespan that reaches its full potential with care.

If you've never experienced these floors in person, it's a great time to learn more about how they could work for you. You're sure to find a decor match for any interior design scheme. And with professional installation, they can last more than 20 years.

Extended durability you can use

Some common problems you won't be seeing in vinyl plank flooring are common to daily wear. But, thanks to added protection, scratches, chips, cracks, and excessive wear remain at bay. And you can customize this protection with a variety of available thicknesses.

Complete waterproof protection is another form of durability available in luxury vinyl flooring. Dampness, humidity, and spills are common flooring enemies. But these products remain untouched by the results of such things.

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Visual options are extensive

It's easy to find the perfect decor match with materials that look like wood, stone, and porcelain tile. You'll find colors that match your furnishings and designs with ease. In addition, LVT and LVP flooring can add more visual appeal with the format, size, and installation layouts.

Large and wide formats are trending, along with various other looks. And choosing a trendy look can serve you well for years to come. Be sure to share your preferences for products that offer sheer visual perfection.

Air quality and allergy-friendly options

LVP and LVT flooring don't harbor allergens like dust, dander, and pollen. So, when you clean the surfaces, especially with recommended cleaners, they'll disappear forever. And that means a more breathable air quality in every space where you install luxury vinyl flooring.

These days, we spend a great deal of our time indoors, and air quality means so much. The easier it is to clean your floors, the easier it will be to breathe. It's essential for everyone, but more so for children and those with breathing issues.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Germantown, OH from Lighthouse Carpet and Flooring LLC

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At Lighthouse Carpet and Flooring LLC, you'll find an excellent assortment of materials and services. Our associates are standing by to make sure you find everything you want and need. And we'll put years of experience to work for your remodel of any size.

You'll find the best luxury vinyl flooring in our Germantown, OH, showroom any time. If you live in Germantown, OH, Miami Valley, OH, Centerville, OH, Springboro, OH, or Kettering, OH, stop by today to see which options might serve you best. We look forward to working with you.